The Season of Giving: The Secret Santa Generator to the Rescue

Christmas is nearing and it’s the season of giving again! If you are in charge of organizing your office’s Secret Santa, you’re probably getting stressed by now. But worry no more. We have a Secret Santa generator to rescue. This will help you organize things and keep the excitement in the air. Additionally, to further help you spread the joy of the season, you can choose from My Happy Golf products as your choice of gifts. These inspirational products are perfect for sending out positive vibes to the world.


What is Secret Santa?

Before we discuss what a Secret Santa generator is, let’s understand first what a Secret Santa is. Secret Santa is an exchange gift party that you organize with colleagues, friends, or family members. From the word ‘secret’ participants wouldn’t know who will deliver their gifts to them. Simply put, the identity of the giver must remain unknown until the set date and time for the exchanging of gifts. This secret Santa, they say, has been part of the Western tradition which has been adopted by other countries around the world.

There are several terms in exchange for Secret Santa depending on which part of the world you are. Some people call it Monito-Monita, White Elephant, Kris Kringel, Yankee Doodle, Kris Kindle, and many more.


What is the Secret Santa Generator?

Secret Santa generator, on the other hand, is a website designed especially for keeping the giver’s identity anonymous. Depending on the website you choose, you can be just the organizing head or be part of the exchange gift. You will have to input your email address and the name of the person to whom you will be giving a gift will be sent to your email address. With the secret Santa generator, participants can make their wish list and whoever has picked them can choose which ones to give them.

There are plenty of websites you can check out as a Secret Santa Generator. Some of these sites are:


What to prepare before using the Secret Santa Generator?

Before using the generator, confirm first with the participants when and what time you will be having the exchange gifts. In addition, participants must agree on the amount of gifts to be exchanged. The organizer must also get the email address or the messenger of the participants.


Spreading Joy with My Happy Golf Products

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Celebrate the season of giving with inspirational products

Secret Santa parties are exciting and fun. Enjoy these moments with your officemates, friends, and relatives. Spread the joy of the season by giving out practical and unique gifts. Remember to visit My Happy Golf shop for motivational products designed to unwrap smiles. These products are of high quality, unique, and affordable – the ideal exchange gift you can give someone. 

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